Friday,  April 22Room 106 (Main Floor)Room 101 (Upstairs)
3:30 PMSkin Cancer Screening
– Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske
Identification of Lawn and Garden Weeds
– Alicia Harstad
4:30 PMSkin Cancer Screening
– Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske
Getting Beyond the Pollinators
– TJ Prochaska
5:30 PMGardening with Plant Diversity
– Jay Fuhrer
Growing Fruit Trees in the Backyard
– Tom Kalb
6:30 PMTree Selection for Western North Dakota
– Joe Zeleznik
Vegetable Gardening Tips
– Tom Kalb
Saturday, April 23Room 106 (Main Floor)Room 101 (Upstairs)
10:00 AMPlant the Right Tree in the Right Place
– Beth Hill
Growing Delicious, Fancy Vegetables
– Tom Kalb
11:00 AMCover Cropping and Composting
– Jaden Deckert
Growing Roses in ND
– Tom Kalb
12:00 PMBare-Root Tree Planting
– Tom Meier
Growing Herbs
– Kelsey Deckert
1:00 PMUrban Composting
– Bowen Gutknecht
Growing a Garden 100 Years Ago
– Tom Kalb
2:00 PMNo-Till Gardening
– Jaden Deckert
Spring Lawn Care Tips
– Kelsey Deckert


Times and talks are subject to minor changes. We thank NDSU for creating these seminars for the Dakota Garden expo.